Social policy


The main value of PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” is people, that’s exactly why the creation of favourable conditions for work and leisure of employees is the high-priority task of PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” social policy.     

Among the main trends of the enterprise social policy there are:

To provide employees with adequate income level, the annual reconsideration of the salary level takes place. Moreover, the grade payment system makes close interrelation between the working results of employees and their further reward what guarantees objective and pure salary establishment.   

PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” does not stay indifferent to the problems of veterans and children. On the initiative of the enterprise youth active, the meetings “From Generation to Generation” are held where labour veterans can communicate with each other and young generation of refractory-men in an informal setting. Annually PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” provides charity support for orphanages of Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye district.               

The creation of secure conditions of work and leisure is the priority for the administration and trade union organization of PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR”. By means of systematical level increasing of employees’ knowledge in the sphere of occupational health and safety, the enterprise tends to reach zero rates in industrial traumatism.   

Annually PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” organizes summer holidays for employees giving the tours by reduced prices to the recreation center “Mriya” in Prymorsk and to other METINVEST recreation houses and centers. 

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