Health, safety, environment

The basis of PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” policy in the field of occupational safety, health and environment, is well-being, comfort and decent working conditions of employees.     

To provide PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” employees with safety, the management system of occupational safety and industrial security is implemented and constantly improving, which includes:

Within the Program "10 motivations in the field of occupational, industrial, environmental, health and fire safety" the enterprise holds the number of competitions:

  • the best instruction training;

  • the best  alarm for instruction;

  • the best department in the field of environment;

  • business games in the field of occupational safety

It became a tradition to organize the competition of children painting "Occupational safety on children’s view". Thanks to this competition, children absorb the principles of safety conduction.  
PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” forms the safety culture which is based on personal responsibility, encouragement and rewarding the best ones for improving the management system of occupational safety at the enterprise. 


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