Cardinal Rules

To increase the responsibility for following labour discipline and to decrease the risk of employee traumatism, the Cardinal Rules were adopted at the enterprise in 2013. 

The Rules imply the set of rules that allow employees realize their right for the safe work. The Cardinal Rules are the part of the program for creating stable positive culture of safe work at the enterprise that allows making the atmosphere when health care and safety are the elements of every employee’s value system.           

The Cardinal Rules of PJSC “ZAPOROZHOGNEUPOR” forbid:

being on the territory of enterprise under alcohol or drugs influence;

doing voluntary waste, unblocking and disabling protective devices and barriers for following passing of the protective barriers and entering the hazard zone;

unauthorized using and unblocking of devices and/or key-switches;

giving commands to complete work that supposes violation of the Cardinal Rules;

conscious suppressing of facts of accident at any level or injuries with temporary disability;

passing and being between railway carriages and special rolling stocks;

cargo transferring by cranes in the people zone;

using mobile phones, audio devices during when controlling mechanisms;

coming up/down rolling stocks without special constructions (stairs, handrails, ladders) and its complete stop.

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